Yet Another Tall Order

Thermaster – Yearsley Belle Eau Park Loading Pod

Yet Another Tall Order For SAFE-door Industries Ltd

SAFE-door Industries Ltd, in conjunction with sister companies Emirates Industrial Panel, Polar Specialized Industries and ADEAREST, have recently completed the installation of some rather tall high speed doors from the Thermal Solutions product range at a customer site in the United Arab Emirates.

Traditional frozen storage to loading dock solutions utilise solid panel sliding doors which are generally open for the duration of the loading or unloading process, typically up to 60 minutes. Whilst the door is open the only separation between the frozen storage chamber and the outside world is a set of dock seals which may at best offer a little resistance to the exfiltration air.

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All SAFE-door Industries doors are designed and built to the customer’s precise requirements at their UK manufacturing facility in Brampton, Cumbria. The height of these extra-tall high speed doors meant making some minor changes to the production and testing procedures however this was all managed successfully by the design and engineering departments.

All three models of high speed door in the Thermal Solutions range from SAFE-door Industries share a number of innovative common features. Opening and closing speeds of up to 2.0 metres per second ensures that the opportunity for warm moist air to enter the frozen or chilled area is much reduced compared with a traditional sliding door. This also results in reduced plant running costs as the workload is lowered and defrosts are required less often.

SAFE-door Industries also supplied a number of their Thermasec sectional cold room doors for areas of the facility that had less frequent levels of reach truck traffic. Demonstrating the flexibility of the engineering solution, some of the Thermasec doors were of the common up-and-over design, while the remainder were of a dual counterweight vertical-lift design that opened high into the tall cold store facility.

For more information on the wide range of temperature-control doors from SAFE-door Industries Ltd, please visit our Thermal Solutions page.