High-speed chill / food-processing door

thermachill thermal door by SAFE-Door Industries

The Thermachill rapid rise cold storage door is the robust choice for any chilled environment or food processing high traffic application. The heavily insulated CFC-free curtain ensures a high level of thermal efficiency, and the perimeter seals provide an effective seal. Suitable for internal and external applications alike, the Thermachill rapid rise cold storage door features full height drive legs, a full width canopy and motor cover, and IP65 sequential light guards for extra safety.

SAFE-door Industries Ltd is a UK based designer and manufacturer of high performance thermal, controlled temperature door systems. We offer a broad range of innovative thermal and commercial freezer door solutions to separate and contain ambient, chilled and frozen environments. Our insulated controlled temperature doors can be found in high usage harsh controlled environment distribution centres and cold rooms, and offer a wide range of safety and financial benefits.

SAFE-door Industries Ltd have produced thermally controlled temperature doors for high profile customers including Cold Storage facilities, Food Manufacturing plants as well as Pharmaceutical facilities both in the UK and overseas. We are committed to excellence in our thermal doors and excellence in the service and care that we provide our clients. Please see below for our range of controlled temperature thermal door solutions.

Heavy Duty Thermal Doors

The heavy duty, robust design provides a long lasting thermal temperature controlling door in demanding cold distribution/storage areas.

Thermally Insulated Doors

SAFE-door Industries Ltd produces temperature controlling thermal doors that provide environmentally friendly superior insulation.

Energy Saving Doors

SAFE-door Industries Ltd understand the requirements of the Cold Storage Industry. Our temperature controlling thermal doors can help save £1000s in power costs while reducing your business' Carbon Footprint.

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