Soundproof Acoustic Doors

Our range of single and double hinged industrial steel door solutions starts at Rw48dB and culminates at Rw58dB. The doors are steel clad in construction and are insulated with a composite of materials in such a way as to prevent the passage of sound as evenly as possible across the acoustic frequency range. This construction is ideal for both external and internal soundproof door applications. We also offer our tandem version which can increase attenuation levels up to Rw70dB.

SAFE-door Industries Ltd is a UK based designer and manufacturer of high performance sound attenuation acoustic door systems. We offer a wide range of innovative commercial soundproof door solutions offering sound reduction levels of up to Rw67dB, all third-party tested and accredited.

Every acoustic door we produce is tailored to a specific sound reducing application and can include fire resistance properties where necessary. SAFE-door Industries Ltd have produced soundproof acoustic doors for an impressive list of high profile customers including TV Studios, Theatre and Concert Venues as well as industrial Research and Development facilities both in the UK and overseas. We are committed to excellence in our acoustic soundproof doors and excellence in the service and care that we provide to our clients. Please see below for our range of sound attenuating door solutions.

soundmax soundproof door by SAFE-door Ltd
Sound Attenuation

Sound reduction levels of up to Rw67dB, all third-party tested and accredited.

Bespoke Soundproof Doors

SAFE-door Industries Ltd can produce individual sound attenuating acoustic doors tailored to your individual needs.


All of our soundproof door products are built and tested to the highest quality and our list of customers reflects our reputation.

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The SAFE-door Industries team are keen to guide you through our vast range of products to ensure that you select the correct product for your application. Our experienced staff will be pleased to assist you by telephone or arrange to visit you at your premises for more detailed discussions, demonstrations and surveys. Understanding your door requirements is important to us, should you have just a simple question or require a detailed technical proposal please do not hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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