Soundmax steel hinged acoustic doors

soundmax steel hinged acoustic doors

Soundmax steel hinged acoustic doors

SAFE-door Industries Ltd is delighted to reveal their brand new brochure for the Soundmax range of steel hinged acoustic doors.

Typically found in industrial, commercial, theatrical and broadcast environments, Soundmax is the high performance solution to applications where acoustic separation requirements are critical. Soundmax is available in single-leaf, double-leaf, horizontal hatch and tandem arrangements.

Ideal for both internal and external applications and with fire rated versions available, Soundmax can fit structural openings of up to 2500mm x 2500mm as a double door.

Independently tested and accredited at Salford University, the Soundmax range of steel hinged acoustic doors provides attenuation levels of up to Rw70dB in a tandem arrangement.

Technical Director Colin Johnstone at SAFE-door Industries said;

Our UK designed and manufactured doors are built to the highest possible standards. Also, we test our acoustic doors in double-leaf format as this represents the most difficult leaf configuration.

Technical Director at SAFE-door Industries

To find out more about the Soundmax range of steel hinged acoustic doors, click here to visit our Soundmax page where you can download the new product brochure, or alternatively get in touchwith us.