SAFE-Door Industries Ltd News 2016

the greek national opera house

Greek National Opera house

Tall order for SAFE-door Industries at new Greek National Opera house - SAFE-door Industries Ltd have recently completed the installation of five large sliding acoustic and fire resistant Soundslide stage doors at the new home of the Greek National Opera at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) in Athens, Greece.... Read More

thermal door construction

Industrial insulated doors

What are they and what are they used for? We’ll begin this article with a discussion on the importance of insulation, considering the role that industrial insulated doors play and the R-value, before going on to look at some specific examples of where they are used.

The importance of insulation

Virtually every building can benefit from some kind of insulation, but it becomes crucial in industrial facilities for a variety of reasons. Manufacturing plants, for example, generate quantities of heat and noise – not to mention in some instances pollutants – that can be hazardous both to employees and also to the surrounding environment...Read More

soundslide acoustic door

Industrial door manufacturers

We all know what a door is, and we all go through several of them virtually every day of our lives. Most of these doors though, unless we live or work in a special or unusual environment, are what we might call “standard”, that is, usually made of wood, with a typical door handle, connecting two rooms or to the outside world. There’s not normally a great deal more to say about them!

There are, however, some situations where a specialised door is required i.e. one with particular functionality. Fire doors are an obvious example. There are also some environments where a specialised door is absolutely necessary, either for regulatory/legal reasons and/or to perform a particular function, good examples being soundproof and insulated doors (which we’ll take a quick look at later on).... Read More

soundslide acoustic door

Another Acoustic Door Installation at an EfW Power Generation Facility

SAFE-door Industries Ltd is pleased to announce the completion of yet another high attenuation acoustic door project, this time at the University of Hertfordshire’s brand new Energy Centre in Hatfield, UK.

Part of a wider University project to provide 2,511 new student bedrooms, the Energy Centre will provide Combined Heat and Power (CHP) to the new accommodation facilities, generating both heating and electricity primarily from environmentally sustainable woodchips.... Read More