New Thermaspeed installation for
Rick Bestwick

New Thermaspeed installation

Rick Bestwick North Ltd, part of the Magnavale Group, have installed three Thermaspeed doors from SAFE-door Industries Ltd at their temperature-controlled site in Scunthorpe earlier this year, and are already benefiting from significant energy savings.

The doors previously fitted had reached the end of their working life, and were allowing air chilled at +2degC to escape the chamber, and warm air from the ambient loading bay to enter. This meant that the plant was working harder than necessary and consuming additional electricity. Since the new Thermaspeeds were installed by SAFE-door Industries Ltd, this plant requirement has reduced, as have Rick Bestwick’s energy bills!

Custom made to fit the openings, the Thermaspeed rapid-roll door has a number of benefits over similar doors on the market. The galvanised steel support frame is polyester powder coated as standard ensuring a long lasting finish, and a full width roller canopy is fitted to protect the door curtain.

For safety, a retro-reflective optical beam is fitted across the width of the door and a conductive rubber wirelessly connected self-monitoring safety edge is fitted across the bottom beam. In addition, the bottom 600mm of the door is constructed so that should the bottom beam be struck by a vehicle and displaced from the side guides, the displaced curtain and beam is automatically fed back into the guides on the next opening cycle.

Engineering and Procurement Director of Magnavale Ltd, Jonathan Gagg, had the following to say:

I am delighted with the installation of the Thermaspeed doors from SAFE-door Industries and how they are helping Rick Bestwick Scunthorpe to save energy. I would be happy to recommend SAFE-door Industries’ range of Thermal Solutions to anyone in the temperature-controlled industry.

Magnavale Ltd

Another project to replace old lighting with modern LED units has seen further energy savings at the Scunthorpe site, and has also made contributions to the company’s obligations to reduce CO2 emissions.