Industrial Door Manufacturers

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Industrial door manufacturers

We all know what a door is, and we all go through several of them virtually every day of our lives. Most of these doors though, unless we live or work in a special or unusual environment, are what we might call “standard”, that is, usually made of wood, with a typical door handle, connecting two rooms or to the outside world. There’s not normally a great deal more to say about them!

There are, however, some situations where a specialised door is required i.e. one with particular functionality. Fire doors are an obvious example. There are also some environments where a specialised door is absolutely necessary, either for regulatory/legal reasons and/or to perform a particular function, good examples being soundproof and insulated doors (which we’ll take a quick look at later on).

This is where industrial door manufacturers come in. These manufacturers specialise in the design, manufacture, supply, service and repair of special purpose doors whilst maintaining full compliance with all safety, environmental and statutory requirements.

So, essentially, any door that could be considered “non-standard” – and certainly most doors in non-domestic (i.e. commercial and public) buildings – probably require the expertise of an industrial door manufacturer to ensure that the door meets the desired specification.

Commercial sectors for industrial door manufacturers

There are numerous sectors where specialist doors are required: any building that needs a fire door; schools; hospitals; libraries; government buildings; theatres; museums; conference centres; power plants; manufacturing sites; distribution centres; retail outlets … the list is virtually endless.

Let’s now take a very quick look at two types of specialist doors.

Soundproof doors

When would we need a soundproof door? Leaving aside sounds that are simply irritating, some sounds can interfere with activities or are so dangerously loud that they can cause permanent irreversible hearing damage. A good example of where the former would be a problem would be in a recording studio, where in that particular industry, the recording artists don’t want any outside sounds corrupting the recording.

Thermal Insulated doors

Defining insulation as “material that retards or prevents the progression or transmission of electricity, heat, moisture, shock, or sound from one item or medium to another”, there are several environments where industrial insulating doors would be required. Here at Safe Door Industries, we provide industrial thermal doors that insulate separate ambient temperature areas from frozen or chilled areas. An example of the usage of one of our thermal doors would be in an industry where temperate control is critical and an insulated door protecting against hotter or colder temperatures is essential for operations, such as in a distribution centre for food or pharmaceutical items.

Expert advice

You’ll have gathered that it’s important to talk to the experts when you’re considering specialist doors, as there are numerous things to consider (not least the legal and regulatory requirements). This is where SAFE-door Industries comes in.

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