Special Purpose Industrial Doors

SAFE-door Industries Ltd.

Acoustic & Thermal Industrial Doors

SAFE-door Industries Ltd, based in Brampton near Carlisle, Cumbria in the UK, lead the field in the development of special purpose doors, acoustic doors, sound proof doors, elephant doors, industrial steel doors, temperature controlled cold storage insulated doors, rapid roll doors, and commercial freezer doors.

Sound Attenuation Soundproof Doors

SAFE-door Industries manufacture commercial sound proof acoustic doors up to Rw 67dB. If you have searched sound solutions for noise proof doors, acoustic sliding doors or elephant doors, then browse through our sound solutions products to find a soundproof door that suits your needs.

Cold Storage Rapid Action Freezer Doors

We also manufacture high performance thermal rapid action freezer doors. If your company is searching for a temperature controlled door solution, our range of thermal door products can save you energy in your cold stores with our high speed cold storage doors. View our range of temperature controlled doors.

Acoustic Doors & Thermal Doors We Produce

sound slide acoustic sound attenuating door
soundproof doors

SAFE-door Industries Limited is a UK based designer
and manufacturer of high performance
sound attenuating, acoustic soundproof commercial door systems.

thermaster high speed thermal door
thermal doors

SAFE-door Industries Limited is a UK based designer
and manufacturer of high performance
thermal separation commercial coldstore door systems.

What Our Clients Say

About SAFE-door Industries

SAFE-door Industries Ltd are global leaders in the manufacture of sound proof doors and commercial freezer doors.

We manufacture a range of 5 different acoustic door solutions and 6 thermal door solutions that have the same sound attenuation properties, but are built for different functional situations.

Case Studies

SAFE-door Industries Ltd have manufactured sound proof doors and thermal insulating doors for an impressive list of high profile customers including Cold Storage facilities, Food Manufacturing plants, Pharmaceutical facilities, TV Studios, Theatre and Concert Venues as well as industrial Research and Development facilities both in the UK and overseas.

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